Our Mission

Dixon Design is committed to creating and maintaining first-class websites that captivate the audience of the consumer, at a small business-friendly cost.  Our cost-effective website designs make it possible for small and local businesses to compete on a digital platform, as well as in their local home.  Dixon Design is committed to excellent customer service, and every website comes with a satisfaction guarantee (see Terms and Conditions).

About Us

Scott Dixon: Founder, Owner
I have spent my whole life being passionate about design and presentation. Dixon Design is an effort to turn my passion into a way to help other small businesses perfect their presentation. I've spent my life around small business and understand the struggles and successes of marketing a small company. My father, Scott Dixon Sr, now proudly owns Century Security Systems, Inc. My goal is to be a company that assists small local businesses in promoting themselves against major suppliers of similar goods. Often smaller companies don't have the time or resources to compete on a digital platform with larger companies, and that's why Dixon Design is affordable, personable and focused on your needs. We want to reverse the trend where only large companies have a strong online presence.
Chantal Jordan: Sales Manager
I am a senior Communication Disorders major at Assumption College, from Lewiston, Maine. In the future, I aspire to be and am working towards becoming a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. At Assumption College, I work as a CRLA-certified writing tutor. My hobbies include vocal and instrumental music, reading, running, and spending time with my family. At Dixon Design, I am committed to making the buying/sales process as easy and efficient as possible!
Patrick Shea: Marketing Manager
I am a senior marketing major at Assumption College with minors in accounting and psychology from Medway, MA. My involvement with the marketing club on campus will be beneficial to me in this role because it has taught me how to budget my time and how to handle multiple responsibilities at once. I hope to draw many new customers to Dixon Design through our social media sites.

Our Goal

At Dixon Design, we work to create websites for small businesses at an inexpensive cost.  We want to revolutionize the way the public views your company when they search for you online.  A modern, clean-looking, advanced website is the perfect way to make yourself a more appealing and attractive option to your consumer.  Easy-to-use websites help you grow your consumer base and present your company as a consumer-friendly location.  Maintaining an up-to-date website is one of the most effective ways to continue increasing the number of people you serve.  Every year, more and more consumers use the internet for shopping and looking up information.  The best way to stay ahead of your competition is to have a captivating and superior presence. Since a website is the first thing most new customers see, it is crucial to make a great first impression.  Reach out to us today: Contact, or fill out the form below to ask us how you can make a better first impression to your customers!