New in 2019

Letter from Scott

Dixon Design will be implementing or has already implemented a number of changes in 2019. Of all the changes we’re introducing this year, my personal favorite is our new designing and hosting platform. Our new designer platform will give you all unprecedented access to applications that will help grow the number of clients you current service.

Our new portal will provide you with updated graphs and information as well as a much more detailed experience.  Weebly has partnered with Square, which has resulted in a new exciting experience for us as well as you. The new designer platform will be available later in 2019.  As I receive more information from Weebly, I will continue to update you.

One new feature that we are already taking advantage of at Dixon Design is an application called Tidio.  Tidio will be available to all of our customers on the new designer platform.  Tidio allows us to chat in realtime with potential clients who visit our website as well as returning customers like yourselves.  Feel free to head over to to check out this new feature.

Dixon Design is now taking advantage of Google's G-suite.  Emails will now be coming from [email protected].  For general questions [email protected] has also been registered.  If you have any referrals (reminder that you can receive 10% off per referral), please forward them along to my Sales Development Rep., Chantal Jordan at [email protected].

We look forward to making the switch with all of you and improving your website experience.  Thank you very much for being a loyal customer.  Keep reading below for a special treat on us!

New Portal and Application Images

A Note About Tidio

As you can see on the right corner of your screen, there is a new chat box, Tidio.  Tidio is now available to all of our customers.  Dixon Design will provide services on setting up Tidio and training you on how to use the product.  If you would like to test Tidio, feel free to send us a message.  Tidio has a free trial if you decide to build it into your website and also has a permanently free version as well.

The G-Suite

Dixon Design is now utilizing the G-Suite.  Please make sure to update your contact information for us!
General Inquires:  [email protected]
Scott Dixon:  [email protected]
Chantal Jordan:  [email protected]