Why does your company need a website?

A website is the most valuable and cost efficient tool a company can have. 92% of internet users utilize search engines to find information that they’re looking for. Search engines have the highest lead-to-customer close rate in all of marketing. Small business websites are arguably the most important websites in marketing. 1 in 3 internet searches is a mobile search- individuals on their phone looking for information. Since these individuals are often driving around actively searching for purchases, 70% of mobile searches lead to an action. We would love to help your company appear in these frequent searches and grow your clientele! See our services below:

Website Design

  • Dixon Design will build you a website from scratch or edit an existing site you already own.
  • Every consultation begins with a free homepage (single, introductory page) design or remodel.
  • If you are satisfied with your new homepage, you may then purchase a full site remodel or new design.
  • We design websites big or small and will make any accommodations we can to our customers.​  Contact us today to ask about anything we can do for you!

Website Management/Hosting

  • Dixon Design is proud to now offer personalized hosting for your website.
    • For those who are only interesting in Hosting and not Management click here!
  • Dixon Design will manage your website under a monthly or annual agreement, posting updates to your website and keeping your customers engaged.
  • We will keep your site up-to-date and post any updates or notices that you request.
  • Dixon Design is dedicated to customer service.  Depending on your plan, we offer a Posting Guarantee (see Terms and Conditions), anywhere from 3 days to as quick as 12 hours.
  • Dixon Design's Online Store Management Plans come with available advising on generating e-commerce with your store from our Founder, Scott Dixon.
  • Dixon Design's Management Plans are an inexpensive and effective method of hiring a website manager, saving your company thousands of dollars.

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